Firehouse Ministries Podcasts

All church services at Firehouse Ministries are available via podcast, just as they are on livestream. The podcasts are great for anyone that just wants the audio version of the service. If you want to listen to past services on the go, podcasts are the way to go!

There are 2 great ways to access the Firehouse Ministries Church Podcast:

  • Firehouse Ministries App: Download the FHM mobile app for Apple or Android by clicking the Apple logo or the Android logo at the bottom of this page. Open the app & click on "Podcast" to listen.
  • Apple Podcast App:
        1) Open the Apple Podcast App (which came pre-installed on your Apple device). If you can't find the app on your device, tell Siri: "Open Podcast App."
        2) Once open, copy & paste this web address in the search field:   & hit enter. If you type this, rather than copying & pasting, please note that the address is CASE SENSITIVE.
        3) Click OK to confirm that you are signing up for our podcast. DONE!

Now you will always have access to great audio versions of all services from FHM! You can even download them to your device to listen to them offline!